making you money, saving you time

use the internet to make yours a more professional, profitable, and efficient business

Your business should flourish online

and we know how to make it happen for you

Its a four step process...

Step 1- accept

The numbers say that integrating the Internet into your business is key to survival and growth going forwards.
You need to accept this and that your business is not in a position to get a piece of that pie.

Step2- realize

The Internet, and how to use it to make money, is BIG business. Most of the tactics you know about have filtered down from things developed for multi billion dollar international companies.
Chances are they won’t work for your small, local business!

Step 3- Be smart

Why give away the one massive competitive advantage you have over big business- your size- which allows you to be closer to your clients, more personal. Don’t play their game badly, play your own like an expert! They say its just business, you say its personal!

Step 4- Excel

There are ways that a small business can genuinely make money and save time using the Internet. You just have to know how.
You have to realize where your strength lies, and how best you can use Internet tools to make the most of that.

Do you want your business to grow using the Internet?

With 84% of your client base making buying decisions using online sources- the answer has to be "YES!"

The Internet is a much under utilized resource in South African business

We all need an edge in business. Embrace the internet and make your business take off.

Now is the time to unleash the power of internet marketing on your business.

  • Get a stream of new clients
  • Engage with existing clients
  • Turn clients into advocates for your business

What does all that mean?

More money into your business!

And that is what we all want in our businesses

  • more turnover,
  • better profit margins,
  • sustained growth,
  • A healthy bottom line

What are you waiting for?

  • Percentage of people using internet

    The percentage of the South African population who regularly use the interent

  • Social Media

    The percentage of South Africans who regularly interact through social media

  • Mobile internet

    The percentage of South Africans who use a mobile device to access the internet

  • Internet For Business

    The percentage of South African Businesses who are really bad at using the internet to grow their business

Do things the right way

Here's a breakdown of the usual approach taken to on line marketing...

  • Get a website; the cheaper the better it seems
  • Fill this web site with copy about how great your business is
  • Start a blog and write something relevant about your business every week
  • Start a Facebook page
  • Run a competition or something to get more likes, more likes the better
  • Market like crazy to these followers using relevant content that they will engage with
  • Pay someone silly money to 'guarantee' you top spot on Google

And every one of these things worked somewhere, once, maybe. For the other 99.9% of us these formulaic, staid approaches only lead to wasted money, frustration, and a general dislike (and mistrust) of the Internet as a business tool. This approach is like buying a socket set and a rolling pin and then deciding to open a hair dressers!

Tools need to fit the job at hand, not be made to fit the purpose. The right way to do things is to first assess how a business can use the internet- its really no good trying to get a plumber to do a weekly blog, or to post something about their business on Facebook 3 times a day. There are only so many ways you can talk about unblocking a drain- and nobody is interested until their drain is the one that needs unblocking. So there is just no need to expend money and time in that direction, but there are a plethora of other things that will add to that business's bottom line.
And that is where we start- with that individual business and its unique requirements.

How it works

We work with you to first assess how your business can best use the internet for this end. This is then formed into a plan that is put into action. After launching your new online presence the focus moves to helping you integrate it into your regular business operation, ensuring your online success for years to come.

Simply put, this system is not affordable... it pays you! Again, and again, and again.

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